Keeya and Dominicke


“We are leading home furnishing retail into the future in a space that’s exciting and innovative!”

There’s a digital transformation happening here at IKEA; a purposeful step towards a new generation that revolves around a powerful digital space. Our new digital department is creative,hungry and innovative (like a start up), but backed by our whole IKEA universe. We’re able to open the door for this transformation, making things more efficient for customers and co-workers alike, and we want you to be a part of making this change happen with us.

As a company, we have always been responsible for our own journey and able to stand on our own. Through leading by example, we want to use the talent and ability within our company to modernize current systems and create in-house tech. This tech will be the core starting place to create support within the company that everyone can benefit from.

We’re looking for people with a passion for IT, Software or DevOps to be at the forefront of the transformation. It’s not a final destination yet, it’s still a journey. For Keeya, one of our Experience Design Leaders and a UX Strategist, the transformation has a focus on togetherness and working as a team:

“It’s the only way to be able to navigate a major shift; being united with the same goal and passion that’s driving us forward.”

While for Dominicke, one of our Product Team Engineers, the joy is in seeing the effort going to modernizing everything.

“Everything from the point of sale systems to the daily workings of IKEA stores. The transformation is making things easier and more exciting for co-workers.”

According to Keeya and Dominicke, the reason for joining us is pretty simple - there's a placefor growth. Both Keeya and Dominicke started as in-store co-workers with us. Keeya is now a UX Strategist, while Dominicke is a Product Team Engineer


Many years ago, Keeya was looking for a fun job where she could make some extra money, so she joined our Burbank IKEA store in the United States. At the same time, Keeya also had someJunior web development jobs and in 2005 she came back to work on our ‘As-Is’ section (where furniture is constructed and ready to sell to customers). From there she has honed her skills andfocused in on UX Development, but she still loves getting involved in the furniture building everyonce in a while. She says:

“It’s an inspiring place to work, a place where you can take a break and get your hands dirty in-store, helping with the furniture and customers firsthand.”


Dominicke had a similar starting point as a co-worker in one of our stores. He needed a temporary summer job that has now turned into eight years in the company. After working as a store Team Lead, he joined an IKEA trainee program that was bringing co-workers into the IT field without any previous experience. From that training, Dominicke is now an Engineer in the Product Team working on digital products. For him, this growth is so important:

“It shows people outside and inside the company that co-workers have potential, and IKEA allows for that potential to develop. They want to see you grow and develop as a person; you aren’t viewed as just another cog in the machine. Not only that, but working for IKEA means partnerships and product development are happening everywhere you look. There are constant opportunities to be involved in exciting new projects and add your voice to a dynamic, forward thinking company. There really isn’t time to be bored or uninspired.”

We’re also a value based company, and these values impact every decision we make. Both Keeya and Dominicke agree that people look to join our company because of these core values.For Keeya, an important one is leading by example:

“This means making sure that not only am I an example to follow, but that I’m accounted for. There’s responsibility behind everything we do. And the CDO and main leaders have the same values.”

For Dominicke, a key value of ours is the ability to see potential and allow it to develop. As a company, we believe in the giving and the taking of responsibility:

“They’re willing to give it, if you’re willing to take and run with it in order to open doors and drive your own story within the company.”

We are leading home furnishing retail into the future in a space that’s exciting and innovative. The transformation is just getting started, and you could be a part of driving it forward with us!