“We have an opportunity to create an IKEA like you’ve never seen it before”

76 years ago a company was built on a vision to create something that could contribute towardsa better everyday life for the many. And for 76 years we have strived to fulfill that mission in every single thing we do. Through the way we treat our co-workers, the way we interact with ourcustomers and the way we run our business, we changed the way retail works.

“To work for a company that has a strong purpose and that is so rooted in that purpose is very special,” says Susan Standiford, our Chief Technology Officer.

“I joined IKEA to be part of that mission, to make sure we were delivering something special for the world and that the work we were doing was supported by our values. But I also joined because I saw an opportunity for innovation.”


We’re currently on a journey to digitally transform IKEA into an all-new company. We believe that in order to continue living out our mission to create a better world we need to step up to the digital helm and embrace new technologies, new capabilities and new ways of thinking.

“The core components of this company are mind-boggling,” says Susan. “We already have huge reach, a beloved brand and amazing products. This means we have an opportunity to innovate in the digital sphere using the ecosystem and assets we have, like nobody else can. That's fundamental to why I am here.”

We have an opportunity to create an IKEA like you’ve never seen it before, while still retaining our roots. We are using our new digital department to extend the reach of our legacy and our physical products to people around the globe, giving us the ability to consistently meet our customers needs at any point in their lives.

But we wouldn’t be able to live out our vision of digital transformation without the skills and capabilities of a strong team in the digital department. And this is where you come in.

“To be a part of this transformation at IKEA is to be a part of every aspect of the IKEA ecosystem”, says Susan. “From design and manufacturing, to supply chain, to the physical stores and the delivery to our customers. We have a chance to digitally innovate in every aspectof our business. To do this we’re building a core engineering team, a data team, a development operations capability team and more.”


We have been building furniture and home furnishings for the last 76 years and now our goal is to create digital products and digital experiences for the next 76 years. You can be a part of that journey.

When you come to work with us you’re not joining a group of people who are just wandering around the office with good values, selling some furniture and trying to make money. You’re joining a company with a vision of making the world a better place, who empowers its teams across the board to innovate and create great products in order to achieve that.

In the words of Susan: “We’ve changed the way retail works, now we’re going to change the way digital works. Do you want to be a part of it?”